ASI võistlusteni Euroopa & Aafrika parima sommeljee tiitlile on jäänud üks aasta!!! Eestit esindab sellel võistlusel Ketri Leis.

ASI Contest of the Best Sommelier of Europe & Africa 2020 to be held in Cyprus 
“1 Year to Go!”


Limassol, Cyprus — Candidates from 3 African and 37 European countries will soon be squaring off in Cyprus for the title of “ASI Best Sommelier of Europe & Africa 2020.” The competition, to be held in the city of Limassol from 16-20 November 2020, will offer a colorful and press-friendly presentation of world-class wine professionals.

The wine-loving nation is proud to be hosting such a high-caliber event. “We are excited that in one year from today, the finest talents in wine service from all over Europe and Africa will gather on our island to determine a winner of the continental contest,” says Georgios Kassianos, President of the Cyprus Sommeliers Association.


His association is expecting many important guests. Each competing country will send a delegation including the candidate, the president of its national sommelier association and a journalist. Invitations will also be extended to all ASI presidents outside Europe and Africa as well.

Limassol was selected as host city in 2017 at the ASI’s General Assembly in Bordeaux.


Known as the international business hub of Cyprus, Limassol features both eye-catching historical flair, including a castle and historic center, as well as modern amenities such as a flashy marina and modern boutiques. And of course high-quality restaurants ready to treat travelers and locals to fantastic wines.

Two years into preparations, the event’s organizers express confidence that all will come together well. “The planning committee along with the ASI Technical Committee are promising a well-organized competition and a spectacular final. Journalists and presidents will tour the Cyprus vineyards and taste Cyprus wines,” Kassianos says. The ASI’s international sponsors will have a chance throughout the five day event to promote their products through organized workshops and participating at Bar Des Sommeliers, he added.

ASI President Andrés Rosberg expressed confidence in the event and its organizers: “Cyprus is a land of fantastic beauty, exquisite food and fascinating wines, domestic and imported. It is the perfect island meeting spot for a competition expected to draw the savviest wine professionals from two continents. It’s going to be a fantastic event.”

The winner of the competition will be offered an invitation to compete in the next ASI’s Best Sommelier of the World Contest. The site for that event, scheduled for 2022, will be determined by a vote among ASI members in late 2019.

A dedicated website as well as Instagram and Twitter will also be announced soon.

Source: Association de la Sommellerie Internationale For more information, please contact:

Liora Levi 
Head of Media and Communication

Michèle Chantôme
Secretary General ASI
Director PR, Communication & Marketing

Georgios Kassianos
President Cyprus Sommelier Association