Free up your evening and pin it down in your calendar. Mondays have never been as exciting as this one. This night was made possible by the one and only Four Roses Bourbon.

Lidkoeb is one of the leading high volume cocktail bars in Nordics. It is housed in a charming old pharmacy building which has 3 floors, one of these floors dedicated especially to whiskey. Being a younger sister of Ruby, which has been on a top 50-list of best bars in the world for few times, Lidkoeb is founded in the wake of this success. It has been on a top 100 list and has definitely put Copenhagen on the international cocktail map.

Well, the good news is… that you don’t need to fly there to try what they do, because they are coming to us! On 19.11.2018 Monday from 20:00 we invite you over for a “Hygge” night, where special cocktails, based on our favorite Four Roses Bourbon, will be stirred & shaken by the core team from Lidkoeb, Copenhagen.
See you all at Whisper Sister & let’s have a blast!