Kaspars Reitups


All drink lists were really well made and presentation was nice. You could see the specifics of each place and how the drink lists were adjusted to them. Most of wine lists tried to cover as large area as possible, so there was something for everyone to enjoy, but the main focus of wines still were in Europe. It was nice to see that some places were importing wines for themselves.
Prices are surprisingly low and approachable, putting wine in everyday not just special occasion category which is fantastic. There were few exception with surprisingly steep margins.
For the top wine lists you could see a common pattern or I would say a sommelier hand writing which gave much more personality to the wine list.
Quite strong culture for beer, even in places with great wine lists there is plenty of fantastic beer options.
Many places surprised with their wide tea selection.
Coffee was left in the background with only very few places offering speciality coffees.
Soft drinks mostly were from local or international producers and didn’t fit the concept, but there were some nice exceptions.