Star Wine List Pro Live – with Coravin

Meet the creators of top By the Glass programs at Noble RotTerritoriet and the Pic Group: Mark Andrew MW, Karin Dejeborn and Paz Levinson will share insights on how they built great BTG-lists. And how they got the most out of Coravin.
This live session is tailored for professional sommeliers, but of course all wine lovers are welcome!
Special guest: Coravin inventor Greg Lambrecht.
Monday 22 June 3PM (Europe) on Facebook Live.
Oh, I almost forgot, you can win a Coravin Model Six too.

Warsaw live!

Wine is happening in Poland. One clear sign: Top sommeliers Norbert Dudzinski and Piotr Pietras MS both moved back to Warsaw from prestigious positions at Geranium in Copenhagen and Hide in London. Now they are part of building a young and dynamic wine scene: Dudzinski at the Dyletanci restaurant. And Pietras has set up his own wine import firm.
– Check out ambassador Norbert Dudzinki’s guides to the city’s wine bars and wine restaurants
– Read Norbert Dudzinki’s story
– Piotr Pietras MS: “Interesting things ahead”

Tallinn live!

We continue north east to Estonia’s capital Tallinn where our ambassador and the country’s sommelier president Kristjan Markii has selected his favourite wine bars and wine restaurants:
– The guide to Tallinn
– The story 

Aarhus live!

Star Wine List ambassador and Nordic somm champ Rasmus Lunkov Marquart has moved from Copenhagen to Aarhus to be nearer his new gig at the amazing restaurant Lyst in Vejle. So of course we sent him drinking around Jutland:
– Aarhus’ great wine bars and wine restaurants

Nordic restaurants after corona: “can’t take another lockdown like this”

Sweden never closed down its restaurants. Norway, Finland and Denmark did. What is the situation now that the doors are opening again? We asked our sommelier ambassadors Taneli Lehtonen, Jessica Senning (pictured) and Rasmus Lunkov Marquart.
– Read more

Too much Europe for your taste? 😉 Next week we are heading to Australia and Asia. Stay tuned and please share this email to your wine loving friends. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know by answering this email!
Krister Bengtsson & crew, Star Wine List