Eesti Sommeljeede Assotsiatsiooni katusorganisatsioon Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (edaspidi ASI) on saanud endale uue logo ja sellega asi ei piirdu. ASI hakkab nüüdsest välja saatma igakuist infokirja, et mis organisatsiooni tegemisi tutvustab.

President Andrés Rosbergi kiri:


Welcome to our first issue of #ASInews!

Please allow me to introduce our inaugural newsletter, which will be sent to you in the beginning of each month with the news of ASI, its national member associations, and, of course, its partners. We encourage you to resend it to the members of your association, and to share your news with us so we can tell the world about it!

ASI is now gearing up for its first continental competition of the year: the ASI & APAS Best Sommelier of the Americas contest, which will be held at the end of May in the fantastic city of Montreal, Canada, and will gather together the best two somms from eleven Pan American countries. This major event is a tremendous opportunity to increase the exposure of our global association and to improve the overall level of sommellerie throughout the Americas, and we will report about it in next month’s issue of #ASInews.

Also, after ten months of hard work of the new Board and Committees of ASI, we’re starting to reap what we have sown. There is more and more good news coming our way.  Today we are honoured to unveil ASI’s new logo to the world, approved by the vast majority of our members, and praised by our partners!  There is something intrinsically universal in the shape of a circle that perfectly symbolizes the very nature of ASI. From a practical standpoint, the circle is also an incredibly versatile form that ideally suits our needs!

Building on a rich history, ASI is evolving to meet the needs of both current and future generations.  The new logo and newsletter are just two examples of how ASI envisions its future by creating opportunities for increased member and industry engagement, building international commitment to the profession, and expanding outreach to the sommellerie community.  In other words, making our association stronger and more global than ever.

Enjoy reading and we look forward to having you with us on the journey!

par Andrés Rosberg


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