NEWSLETTER  •  ISSUE 34  •  MAY 2021




Legacy in Wine and Service


While sommeliers understand legacy in many of the traditional ways, legacy extends beyond the individual and their own kin. Legacy is also institutional. Where a legacy already exists, it must be preserved. Where none exists, one must be established. ASI speaks with four top somms and two of our ASI partners to hear how they define legacy, and what they see as theirs.





Join ASI on May 18 (3:00pm CET) via the Association de la Sommellerie’s Facebook page for a live panel discussion exploring ‘Family Legacy’, hosted by Liora Levi. In this enlightening discussion, we are exploring not only the challenges of maintaining family businesses in the wine and restaurant worlds but explore what the concept of legacy really means. Guests include sommeliers Celine Jung (S. Korea), Dustin Chabert (USA), Andy de Brouwer (Belgium), Kathrine Larsen (UK/Denmark) and special guests Matthieu Perrin (Famille Perrin) and Rob Symington (Graham’s Port).




Caretakers in Porto with Rob Symington 


Few regions can speak to tradition and family like Portugal’s Douro, and Rob Symington represents the 5th generation of Symingtons at Symington Family Estates. Yet, he’s not afraid to shake things up and speak out. Want to know how, and why?






Choosing Legacy in the Rhone Valley with Matthieu Perrin


Matthieu Perrin carries the weight of 110 years of history at Château de Beaucastel. Read on for a deep dive into the successes and challenges that come with shaping a terroir of family, community, vineyard and a 289-year-old violin in southern France.






38 New ASI Sommeliers from Around the Globe in 2021


It is with great pleasure ASI announces 38 new ASI Diploma graduates. Hosting of the 2021 examination was carried out in 12 countries. For the first time in the history of the diploma, ASI has the pleasure of announcing two Best of Class candidates. ASI is pleased to announce Fabrice Sommier (France) and Hee Sung Park (South Korea) have graduated with Best of Class honours.






Remember When…This Month in ASI History


It was May in Bordeaux, and Marc Almert had a mere two months before being crowned ASI Best Sommelier of the World…





Industry News


A fresh start for hospitality? 


California Wines

The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale is pleased to announce the signing of a 3-year partnership with California Wines, an advocacy group supporting the California wine industry across the globe.


Member News


Sommelier Union Austria: Barrels and bottles for the win(e) in Austria!



In Case You Missed It
Tune in to catch our previous Round Table Panel Discussions on the ASI YouTube channel.






Discover Perrin “Nature”

Welcome to the family! Familie Perrin debuts a rosé and a white in their Ecocert-certifed line-up








Wineally Fine Tuning Algorithm to Serve ASI Sommeliers’ Needs

Read on to see how you can be a part of the Wineally eco-system.








Wine Paris & Vineexpo Paris Goes Digital

Save the dates for new content accessible for Vinexposium Connect!









Wines of Portugal Helps Encourage Young Professionals

Online training for young professionals to experience Portuguese wine.