ASI Magazine #11 Release :
Fine Wine 





ASI Magazine #11 Release: Fine Wine

In this issue of ASI Magazine we explore the concept of Fine Wine.

For centuries it was broadly accepted to be the most recognizable, and often most expensive, wines and wine regions of the world. Over the last two decades the definition has evolved for many as new regions and wineries emerge from less than classic areas.

Many sommeliers are also seeking to reimagine classic definitions, as other factors such as sustainability and natural winemaking become more important to them.

So what is ‘Fine Wine?’ Read ASI Magazine and discover for yourself: ASI Magazine English version  

ASI Mag Member Associations Competition

To increase the distribution of ASI Magazine inside national associations and subsequently to increase its popularity in the sommelier community, among partners, etc., ASI Marketing team has prepared a fun competition among the national associations to promote our magazine!

One of the key measurements of success of ASI Magazine has been the number of readers, we have now more than 100 000 reads of all our issues combined! Now we want to challenge you to bring more readers of ASI Magazine in your association and country.

As not all associations have both social media and newsletter, we do not limit how you would like to distribute and promote the magazine, so you can use any channels that work for you (Whatsapp groups, your social media pages or newsletters).

In order not to exclude smaller associations, we have 2 prizes and 2 measurement systems: 1. Measuring the growth of readers in total number per country of the association; 2. Measuring the growth of readers per country in percentage to the initial number. Even if you are a small association, you can still win!

Period: from the moment of ASI Magazine #11 release until 15th of February 2024, the winners will be announced at the General Assembly in Monaco.

Prizes: each winning association gets a double spread in the ASI Magazine in 2024 about their association and sommeliers! As an example, please see our article about Australia Sommelier Association in ASI Magazine #11.

For more information please contact:
Mark DeWolf, ASI Content Manager,
Xeniya Volosnikova, Marketing & Communications,