ASI Magazine #10 Release :
No Wine Issue 





ASI Magazine #10 Release: No Wine Issue
In this ‘No Wine’ Issue of ASI Magazine, we focus our attention on the full breadth of beverages sommeliers are increasingly required to be knowledgeable about.

Flip through the pages of the magazine and read about sake’s food affinity, the role of cocktails, beer, tea and coffee in the dining experience and the rise of adult non-alcoholic beverages as a reaction to the increasing number of sober conscious diners.

The magazine is a must read for sommeliers seeking to find balance in their beverage programs and balance in their personal life, as we also discuss the concept of moderation and living a balanced lifestyle.

Other articles include a feature on educational opportunities, an interview with legendary distiller Tom Nichol about the gin he has crafted for Famille Perrin and Brad Pitt, and much more including announcements of newly crowned sommelier champions.

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